You deserve great lighting at home!

The free BFranklin Try Light Kit is an easy way to upgrade all of the lighting in your home to long-lasting LEDs in one shot.

  • Save $300-$500 a year, every year
  • No changing light bulbs for years and years
  • Improve your quality of life and light
  • Reduce your lighting carbon footprint by 80%

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Step 1

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Get our free demo box, the Try Light Kit, delivered to your door this week.

Step 2

Follow our guide

Try out the bulbs in each room of your home and see the difference.

Step 3

Select and purchase

Browse the full online catalog and choose the right lights for each room in your home.

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Experience the comfort of perfectly bright, exactly right lights at home for years to come.

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Get the kit, try'em out. Then get the lights.

BFranklin helps you upgrade all the light bulbs in your home at one time.

You get hands-on experience with great new lights in your own home -- risk free.

No more sitting in the dark when a light randomly burns out or panicked trips to the store.

No need to download software, replace switches or fiddle with electrical wires.

Experience Great Lighting in your home

Try out our lights at home for free

The Try Light Kit includes 12 world-class quality bulbs chosen to help you discover the right lighting for every room.

Once you decide on which bulbs you like from our Kit to replace each of your existing bulbs, order them from our online catalog. Then send the Kit back so we can help the next person get the right lights too. Or pass the Kit to a neighbor and earn a $20 credit.

The Kit is free. Or keep the Kit for $99

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Try out our lights at home for free

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