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Frequently Asked Questions
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What’s wrong with the bulbs I already have?

There are many reasons folks choose to replace their old bulbs.

Better bulbs
Your current bulbs are likely incandescents that use a lot of electricity to produce light. With LEDs you could be saving $300-500 a year in electric costs.

Or they may be compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs which are slow to brighten and often have a cold light quality. LEDs are more eco-friendly, can last for 20+ years and do not contain mercury like CFLs.

Mismatched lighting

Another reason folks opt to upgrade their light bulbs is that over the years of replacing bulbs, many of them do not match or have the same brightness. Perhaps they even have differences in manufacturer quality and style.

Home upgrade/making a new home yours

Changing out all your existing bulbs at one time is the most efficient way to refresh and upgrade your home lighting. And if you just moved into a new house, a wonderful way to make it feel more like home is to upgrade all of the lighting to your personal taste.

Improving your health

In fact, light quality directly impacts how relaxed, how alert, and how productive we are. We believe that you deserve to live your best life! And good lighting is a great way to do just that.

What’s special about BFranklin’s lights?

All of our bulbs use LED technology. But these aren't your parent's old, clunky LED bulbs.

Our LED bulbs:
• Use less electricity
• Emit less heat & stay cool to the touch
• Last much longer (as long as 20+ years!)
• Provide warm, pleasing light
• Can be used with dimmer switches
• Do not contain mercury (unlike CFL bulbs)
• Are affordable
• Are easy to try and buy!

Swapping out your entire home's old bulbs will save you money and time from day one. Plus, you can try out our bulbs in your own home, risk-free. Find out how.

Why are BFranklin’s bulbs more energy efficient?

LED bulbs require fewer watts of electricity to operate while still producing the same quality of light. They give off almost no heat and use 80% less energy. Plus, their long life means less waste and so fewer resources needed to produce more bulbs.

For comparison, a "normal" 60W incandescent bulb (800 lumens of light) has a surface temperature of almost 500F, will last about 9-12 months and costs $7 per year to light. An equivalent LED (also 800 lumens of light) will be cool to the touch, last up to 20 years and cost $1 per year to light.

How do LED bulbs affect my health?

Ever walked into a room and felt instantly relaxed? How about anxious? The quality of the light in our homes has been proven to affect our mood, behavior, decision-making abilities and even our health.

From relaxing us before sleep to keeping us alert as we work -- the better the lighting, the better we feel. Plus, the time and money you save may also boost your mood!

How do I know these are quality bulbs?

All of our bulbs are made by a leading global manufacturer of light bulbs with over 100 years of experience. We use these bulbs in our own homes – and we think you deserve the same quality and value we demand. Our experience tells us that our bulbs will fit 80% of the uses and fixtures in the typical American home. Plus our online store has additional bulb types should you need other options.

I just ordered the Try-Light Kit, now what?

Thanks for trying out our bulbs! You’ve taken the first step towards improving your home's lighting. We’ll send you a shipping confirmation (don't worry, it's free) with a tracking number so you can follow your box’s journey. Your Kit should arrive in 3-5 business days. After that try out the bulbs in the comfort of your own home

The Try-Light Kit has arrived at my house, now what?

Great! Your included Guide will walk you through how to try the light bulbs.

Open the box and pick a room in your house to start with. Remove one of your existing bulbs and select a new bulb form the kit to try out.

Don’t worry: our Guide will show you exactly how to choose and check the bulbs as you go.

Replace the bulbs and note your favorites using our simple checklist (included in your Kit). Repeat throughout your home until you’ve found the right light bulbs for each room.

Then come back to website and place an order for the bulbs you need!

I’ve found the perfect light bulbs, now how do I return the Kit?

Returning the Kit is easy. Simply collect light bulbs, placing them back into the original Try Light Kit box, place the included prepaid postage address label on the outside of the box, tape it shut (we've even included tape!) and drop it off at your nearest mailing center. It’s that easy. And it’s free.

Can I use an LED bulb that is brighter than the "60W Maximum" rating on the fixture?

Yep, you sure can. LED bulbs typically use 10-15% of the electricity of a traditional, incandescent bulb. So the LED replacement bulb for an 60W incandescent might use just 10W of power for the same brightness as the old bulb.
Go ahead and feel free to use a brighter LED so long as the electricity requirement (in watts) does not exceed your wiring safety specification.

Do you charge for shipping?

We ship the Try-Light Kit for free. For light bulb purchases shipping is free for orders over $50.

What is your return policy?

BFranklin believes in the products we sell and we think you will too. If you find that you're unhappy for any reason with your purchase, just let us know within 30 days. And we can help you return your purchases for a refund.

Please note that lights must be in good working condition and returned within 30 days, in order to receive full credit for your return.

Why do you collect a $99 deposit for the Kit? I thought it was free?

We got a lot of early feedback that folks really value the opportunity to "learn at home" about the right lighting for them but found the $0 up-front cost confusing. Our Kit is still risk-free and we happily refund your deposit when you return the intact Kit. If you are eager to get started with your home conversion, we can include the cost of any bulbs you keep to your next order.

What if I never return the Kit?

We'd be happy to let you keep the Kit – you paid for it. But we would rather you return the kit and get your $99 back AND also order enough great looking, energy-efficient LED bulbs to convert your whole home.

If you still have your Kit after six months, we're going to consider it yours forever. But please contact us if you think that you are still undecided.

How does the Bulb Buy-Back offer work?

It's simple. You buy at least 30 LED bulbs from BFranklin and we will refund you $0.25 for each old bulb returned to us (up to 100 bulbs). We'll provide a return shipping box and postage label, and we'll even responsibly recycle everything.