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BFranklin's Try-Light Kit

Our Try-Light Kit includes 12 high-quality LED bulbs specially selected to help you discover the perfect lighting for every room. Try them out in your home and then order your right bulbs from our site. WATCH our video below and see how easy it is!

It's risk-free to try at home and includes all shipping costs!

And for a limited time if you convert your whole

home, we’ll even buy back your old bulbs,

with our Bulb Buy-Back Program.

See details when in the cart.

Convert your entire home to clean energy-efficient LED bulbs with our Try-Light Kit!

How it works

Order the
Try-Light Kit online

Ships for free.
No strings attached.
Expertly selected options.
$99 Refundable Deposit.

Try different bulbs throughout your home, then order online

Once you decide on which bulbs you like, order them from BFranklin’s online store.

Return the
Try-Light Kit

Use the paid shipping label to send the Try-Light Kit back.
We refund your $99.

Watch just how easy it is.

Why BFranklin?

There is no easier way to improve the quality of light in your entire home.
We make it easy, risk-free, and for a limited-time only, we’ll buy back your old bulbs when you upgrade your whole home. See details in cart.

BFranklin sells high-quality, energy-efficient LED light bulbs. LEDs last for decades and use a fraction of the electricity that traditional bulbs require. They turn on instantly and provide warm, pleasing light.

Don't just take our word for it, try our LED bulbs risk free with free shipping both ways.

  • Reduce your electricity bill

    Save up to $300 a year on energy costs

  • Eliminate future ladder time

    BFranklin bulbs last
    10-20 years

  • Improve your home life

    Get your perfect lighting in every room