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The Try-Light Kit

Not sure which bulbs are right for each room of your home?

We've got you covered.

Our Try-Light Kit allows you to test out a variety of high-quality LED light bulbs in your own home. We'll collect a $99 deposit at check out that is fully refunded when the Kit is returned intact. Free shipping both ways included.

What’s included in the Kit?

12 quality bulbs + 2 socket adapters

Medium base to Small socket

Medium > small base

This adapter enables you to use a bulb with a Standard/Medium base in a Candelabra/Small socket. Comes included in the Kit.

Small base to Medium socket

Small > medium base

This adapter enables you to use a bulb with a Candelabra/Small base in a Standard/Medium socket. Comes included in the Kit. Try it with No.5 or No.7 if you like that look but the socket is Standard size. Our online store allows you to pick the alternative base size.

How it works

Order the Try-Light Kit online

Ships for free.
No strings attached.
Expertly selected options.
$99 deposit.

Try the bulbs throughout your home

Once you decide on which bulbs you like, order them from BFranklin's online store.

Return the
Try-Light Kit

Use the paid shipping label to send the Try-Light Kit back.
We refund your $99.

Questions? Check our FAQs for answers

Want to get a little more technical?

Three features to consider when choosing your new bulbs:

Bulb & Base Size
Bulb shape and size are largely determined by what kind of fixture you're using.

Find a bulb that’s similar in size to your old bulb.

If the new bulb doesn’t fit, not to worry, simply screw in one of the included adapters.

All bulbs in the Kit have either standard/medium bases – standard/medium (E26) or candelabra (E12).

Brightness describes how much light the bulb produces and is measured in lumens (not watts).

Different uses require different brightness of light.

Generally, brighter lights work best for work spaces and lower brightness lights are better for relaxing spaces.

Brightness level is a personal preference so play around and find the brightness level that works for you.

Light Temperature
Light temperature describes how warm or cold the light appears.

All the Kit bulbs (except #4) provide warm, white light.

In general, warmer, yellow-hued lights work well in kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms.

Daylight white lights with their blue-ish tones (#4 in our Kit) are best for workspaces such as offices, garages, closets, pantries, and workshops.

Like what you see? Use the Guide included in your Kit to record which lights you like best while trying the bulbs in each room of your home. It's easy (and fast) to try them out in each room because our LED bulbs are always cool to the touch, even after being on for hours.

And remember, the Kit has only 12 of the many bulbs we carry on our site, so if you don't find the perfect one, rest assured you will find the perfect bulbs on our site.

Questions? Check our FAQs for answers