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Our Story

We founded BFranklin 

to make lighting your home as easy as screwing in a light bulb. 

Light bulbs have advanced a lot since 1879.
Buying them has not.
We think it should be simple to buy perfect lighting.

Benjamin Franklin embodied the values of simplicity and practicality. In following as his namesake, our mission is to put the power of perfect lighting in your hands. 

Our bulbs are energy-efficient, long-lasting, affordable, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and light appearances. Best of all, we make it easy to test run our bulbs in your home, even before you buy!

Simply order our  Try-Light Kit and you can experience first-hand a variety of bulbs in your own home. 

Already know what you want? You can go ahead an order online now. We have some great tools to make ordering your perfect bulbs a no-brainer.  This is (literally) your light bulb moment.  :-)


Konstantin Braun

Is the lucky father of three girls. A numbers guy from his earliest days, he is dogged in his pursuit of value for money. He also likes clean energy and old movies.

Richard Hulme

Has been delivering exceptional sales and service experiences forever. Somehow he finds time to bake on the weekend for his two STEM-tastic daughters.

Rob Krugel

Used to bank money, now he banks energy and passes along the savings. He is the proud father of two teenage girls, and a big fan of bubble hockey and Michigan sports.

Mike Richter

Is from Philadelphia and a big fan of Ben Franklin and home efficiency. He is the proud father of three teenage boys in whom he hopes to instill Franklin’s virtues.


We combine expert service and unparalleled convenience to help people unlock the beauty and true functionality of their homes through lighting. With BFranklin you'll save money, decrease your carbon footprint and spend less time doing maintenance. We’ve seen our own homes transform significantly with a small change in lighting, and this also made an impact on our household comfort and electricity bills.

In our commercial lighting business, Brightcore Energy, we have spent years helping clients like Madison Square Garden and Citi Field in New York City find the right lighting solutions – we truly understand every kind of space and lighting option. Now we’re proud to help families across the country upgrade the quality of their home lighting – and living – environments.