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A Subscription-Based LED Light Bulb Kit Hits Westchester

Westchester Magazine

In the age of subscription-based boxes and kits for everything from eyewear to clothes, pet supplies, and medication, one company is using this popular approach to tackle the lighting in our homes. One of the hardest parts of finding lighting that works is that you can’t easily test bulbs after hitting the hardware store and return what you don’t like.

14 Gifts That'll Enhance a Lean, Green Household

Sierra Club

It’s notoriously difficult to shop for greenies, thanks to their (understandable) allergy to consumerism and mass production. Typically, your best bet is pragmatic goods that’ll further streamline their lean, green lifestyles.

You Can Save Hundreds Each Year by Switching Your Bulbs to BFranklin

Mommy's Block Party

Great lighting can change the entire atmosphere of a living space. Harsh lighting can cause headaches or eye strain while warm, soft light actually promotes an inviting environment.

2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Mommy Enterprises

It is that time once again! The holidays are now here and it is time for all of the elves to start shopping! I have put together my 9th annual 2018 Holiday Gift Guide that you can find below that features gifts for everyone!

Lighting an Environmental Solution


Armonk’s BFranklin hopes to bring the Warby Parker model to LED light bulbs.  The new company has a co-founder with a familiar name and professional experience with lights of a different kind. 

Green Living Guy

Seth Leitman

Not many times when I’m beyond grateful to meet a green lighting company like Brightcore Energy and @bfranklinhome.

BFranklin Makes Improving Home Lighting Easy

Recommended by Dee

As we get our houses and apartments ready to receive company this holiday season, many of us forget to evaluate if our lighting is outdated or could be improved.  

Upgrade your household with the Try Light kit

Wireless Wednesdays Live

New start-up BFranklin makes it easy for consumers to convert their homes to LED lighting. By simply visiting BFranklin Home consumers can order the FREE BFranklin Try Light Kit.

Upgrade your household with the Try Light kit

The BFranklin Try Light Kit serves primarily as a tool to help consumers learn what lighting they need in their homes so they can completely refresh and renew their lighting with the right lights. A detailed worksheet makes it easy to log the quantities, facilitating online ordering afterwards.

BFranklin Co-Founders from Westchester County Startup to Innovate the Way Consumers Light Their Homes

Yonkers Tribune

Now Available Free In-Home Try Light Kit Features 12 Commonly Used Household LED Bulbs Allowing Consumers To Upgrade Lighting In Their Residences, Live More Responsibly And Save Money On Electricity Bills Forever