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Ready to return the BFranklin Try-Light Kit? We pack a pre-paid mailing label inside each Kit so this part is super easy for you.

Here's what you do now.

  1. Make sure all the bulbs are in the Kit. You can use the guide on the inside of the lid to put each bulb into its space.
  2. Put the foam lid on top of the bulbs.
  3. Keep your completed home tracking guide so you know what to order.
  4. You can return your Kit before or after you place an order for bulbs.
  5. Use the two included tape strips to close the bottom flap of the lid -- you can put the tape in approximately the same place.
  6. Put the return mailing label over the original label. Make sure to cover it completely.
  7. Bring the sealed, addressed box to your Post Office or nearest FedEx location (check the label).
  8. That's it!

PS - The two tape strips and label may have slipped down the side of the foam packaging. You can easily remove it and check.

Thank you!

Questions? Missing the return label? Send us an email at