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No 1 All-Purpose Light Bulb: Standard Brightness, Frosted

  • Standard brightness
  • Warm light appearance
  • Dims with increasing color warmth
  • Classic all-direction lighting

This all-purpose LED bulb is perfect for floor lamps or table lamps, and ceiling or wall-mounted fixtures. 

Recommended uses: hallways, bedrooms, living and work areas, kitchens.

If you want to get technical you could compare this to a "soft white" incandescent bulb commonly used in the U.S. It's a great upgrade from that bulb type.

Note: You may think this bulb is too bright when you first turn it on.  What's more likely is that your old bulb has degraded and wasn't doing its job at 100% any more.  

  • Lasts 22+ years (25,000 hours) based on 3 hours/day
  • Dimming capability. Provides increasingly warmer light as it dims (2700K > 2200K)
  • Equivalent brightness to a 60 watt incandescent bulb (800 lumens)
  • Normal light appearance (soft white - 2700K)
  • All-directional light (just like a traditional light bulb)
  • Medium/Standard base size (E26)
  • Energy Star rated; uses 9.5 watts
  • Included in the Try Light Kit

  • Electricity cost saved
  • Miles not driven
  • Trees saved
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