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No 1F All-Purpose Filament Light Bulb: Standard Brightness

  • Standard brightness
  • Warm light appearance
  • Dims with increasing color warmth
  • Classic all-direction lighting

Like a more traditional look to your bulbs? Our all-purpose traditional-inspired filament bulb is perfect for a variety of uses

Recommended uses: hallways, bedrooms, living and work areas, kitchens. Great for floor or table lamps, or wall or ceiling fixtures.

The Standard All-Purpose Light Bulb in the US in an attractive filament form.

  • Lasts 13+ years (15,000 hours) based on 3 hours/day
  • Dimming capability. Provides increasingly warmer light as it dims (2700K > 2200K)
  • Equivalent brightness to 60-watt incandescent bulb (800 lumens)
  • Normal light appearance (soft white - 2700K)
  • All-directional light (just like a traditional light bulb)
  • Medium/Standard base size (E26)
  • Uses 8.5 watts
  • Electricity cost saved
  • Miles not driven
  • Trees saved
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