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Whole Home LED Conversion Package (50 bulbs + 20% discount on future purchases)

$299.00 - $299.00

Ready to convert your whole home to LED and save a staggering 80% on your lighting electricity costs?  Plus very likely never change a burnt-out bulb while you own your home?   If yes, let's get started

Our Starter Kit allows you to test out a variety of high-quality LED light bulbs in your home.  You use what you need, order more of what you need online and return whatever you don't use for full credit.
The Package comes with:
  • Starter Kit with 12 high-quality LED bulbs in a variety of shapes, sizes, and hues.
  • Approximately 50 additional bulbs
  • 20% discount on additional purchases over the $300 package cost
The package is priced at $300 which will get you approximately 50 of our world-class LED bulbs.  Plus we'll give you a 20% discount code so you can get even more bulbs if you need more than 50.  Everyone's home light situation is different but studies say that the average US home has about 50 light bulbs.
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