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1-Click Whole Home LED Package

$99.00 - $249.00

Ready to convert your whole home to LED and save hundreds of dollars each year, every year on your lighting electricity costs?  Plus very likely never change a burnt-out bulb while you own your home?   If yes, let's get started

The Package includes:
  • FREE Try-Light Kit to discover the right lights for you ($99 value)
  • 20, 40, or 60 additional bulbs from our online store
  • $0.25 cash back for your old bulbs - box & shipping included
  • Free recycling
  • Free shipping and free returns
  • 20% discount on any additional bulbs needed to finish the job
What Size package do I need?
  • Small (best for 2-4 rooms; 20 bulbs) $99
  • Medium (best for 3-6 rooms; 40 bulbs) $179
  • Large (best for 5-8 rooms; 60 bulbs) $249
    Everyone's home light situation is different but studies say that the average US home has about 50 light bulbs - your home is unique to you. 

    Also don't forget about foyers, hallways and closets!